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Ride Into Action on Your Hearthsteed!

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Show off your love for Hearthstone’s fast-paced card-slinging action by charging across the battlefields of Azeroth on a magnificent Hearthsteed! 
This epic flying mount is awash in a mystical blue glow; its rocky exterior just barely manages to contain the power that lurks within! When you’re ready to take to the skies, the Hearthsteed manifests ethereal blue wings, ready to carry you off to your next adventure.
How to get a Hearthsteed of your very own
Interested in adding the Hearthsteed to your World of Warcraft mount collection?
Getting your hands on this unique flying mount is simple . . . and fun! Just win three games of Hearthstone in “Play” or “Arena” mode to get the "Mount Up!" Hearthstone quest reward. The next time you log into World of Warcraft, the Hearthsteed will be waiting for you in the nearest mailbox. 
Earn this special mount and you’ll also receive the World of Warcraft “Hearthstoned” achievement for all characters on your Battle.net account.
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Source: World of Warcraft Battle.net